Life of former Radio Mi Amigo owner to be made into a movie

Sylvain Tack is a colourful figure from the Flemish music scene. The farmer’s son who started as a baker of Suzy Waffles, launched himself successfully into the music business. But he became best known for starting the offshore station Radio Mi Amigo, which officially launched on 1 January 1974.

Initially, the Mi Amigo programmes were made in Benelux, but due to problems with the authorities Tack moved over to Playa de Aro in Spain, where he continued to produce radio programmes.

Tack eventually pulled out of Radio Mi Amigo and went to Haiti, where his life went downhill. In 1981 he was arrested for tax fraud, smuggling and drug trafficking, which got him a prison sentence. After four years he re-emerged as a trader in medicinal herbs, leading to a new collision with the tax authorities. In February, 2006, the 72-year-old Tack was found dead in his house, and it’s thought he committed suicide.

Erik Lamens, who will write the screenplay, says “To be clear: this is not a documentary about Sylvain Tack, but a fiction film based on his life. What fascinates me is how a rich man with a booming waffle bakery, a radio station with millions of listeners, a stable full of great artists and a popular magazine (the youth magazine Joepie, ed) eventually died without a penny to his name. ”

radiomiamigo.jpg“The worst thing is that hardly anyone will remember Sylvain Tack. Everybody knows Veronica, but remember that we had Radio Mi Amigo which was listened to in the Netherlands. He’s the man who broke the monopoly of the BRT [the Flemish public broadcaster, now known as VRT] and indirectly paved the way for the arrival of VTM [a Flemish commercial TV channel]. In that sense he is really being punished, I think. I am not writing this film to deliver reparation to Tack, but if that is a consequence of the film, then I would be happy. First and foremost I want to present a human story. ”

Mr Lamens expects that, at best, the film will be in the cinema sometime in 2013. “But that depends on many factors. Money for example. This will not be cheap production, I estimate about 1.5 million to 2 million euros. The money must be raised, actors must be found, and I must still write my script. I don’t know if I will be directing it, but I’m growing more excited. ”

Source: De Standaard Online/ RNW Andy Sennitt

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